Planning Ahead When Moving

Moving never is fun but a necessary fact of life at some point. In case you are wondering, How do I pack my boxes properly before I move? here are some tips and strategies. These tips and strategies can ease the stress of receiving the boxes at the other end of your move.

Same sized boxes

Limit the different sized boxes when you pack. Instead of going to the grocery store and asking for boxes purchase or rent Small, medium and large moving boxes. Large sizes can be used for lighter items such as clothing or fragile items. Fragile items should always be bubble wrapped and cushioned with packing supplies such as “packing peanuts.” Medium boxes are great for similar items that you can pack together always cushioning if they are breakable. Smaller boxes are great for books. They not only help the movers manage weight but when it is time to unpack you will not have to lift any extra heavy boxes on your end. Limiting your sealed boxes to 3 uniform sizes helps minimize loading and weight shifting of boxes during transport. Always use packing tape; it is designed for the job. Although it may not look strong, since it is clear and looks like an over-sized roll of scotch tape it is weight tested and sticks tightly to a good seal on each and every box.

Wardrobe boxes

Another great option of box available in the wardrobe box. This box has a hanging bar inside that you hang your clothes on limiting the wrinkle effect of stacking clothes. Dress outfits and suits that require costly dry-cleaning will travel well. The best thing about the wardrobe box is that when it arrives re-hanging your recently pressed suits is easy.

Room labeling

The best tip for, How do I pack my boxes properly before I move, is label, label, and label! A good permanent marker is your best friend for the move. It is important not only to label which room, but what is inside, and some people even identify what drawers the items go in. Room labeling in as much detail will help your stress level when it is time to unpack.

Let someone else do this for you

The only other moving tip is let someone else do this for you. If you are in the Dallas area D-TOWN MOVERS will pack, move and unpack all your possessions. Their professional teams are trained to either pick-up and deliver or help you with the start to finish moving project. They have a four-step moving process: (1) request a quote, (2) they contact you, (3) confirm the day and (4) D-TOWN MOVERS arrive. They specialize in “Door to Door Residential Moving” as well as local or long distance moving requests. Lastly, sometimes things happen if your move gets delayed D-TOWN MOVERS also offer short and long-term storage that can take a lot of stress off your plate.