If you have a large wardrobe, you’re probably dreading the day when you’ll have to pack all your clothes up in preparation for an upcoming move. Here are a few tips to make clothes packing a little easier.

Wrap Up Hanging Garments

Instead of taking your clothes off of their hangers and folding them up, try keeping them hanging. Tie 5 to 15 hangers together and slide the bundled garments into a trash bag. Tie the top of the trash bag around the top of the hangers for easier packing and unpacking.

Leave Clothes in Drawers

Don’t take your clothes out of their dresser drawers and move them into a box. If you’re getting help from professional movers, leave the drawers in the dresser and let them move the entire piece of furniture. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, take the drawers out and wrap them in protective plastic before transporting them.

Bundle Clothes Together

Clothing bundles are a great way to save space and keep your clothing boxes organized. Start with a larger piece of clothing, like a jacket. Lay it out on a flat surface and set a smaller item on top. Do the same with another smaller clothing item and then fold the bottom piece around the rest to create a tight, space-efficient bundle.

Use Smaller Boxes

It may be tempting to throw all your clothes in a few large boxes, but this is just going to make them bulky and difficult to carry. Clothes are heavy, so trade those giant boxes for smaller ones with handles you can use to carry them around easier.

Vacuum-Seal Stored Clothing

Pack your out-of-season clothing before you tackle the rest of your wardrobe. To keep these clothes from getting damaged, and to conserve space, consider vacuum-sealing your out-of-season clothes. You can even leave them in the sealed bags until it’s time to start wearing them again, which will prevent them from collecting dust.

Take Advantage of Luggage Space

If you’re taking luggage with you, optimize your storage space by packing clothes in your suitcases. This can help you save space and keep your clothing protected.

Use Dryer Sheets

If you’re worried about your clothes smelling by the time you unpack them, throw a dryer sheet into every clothing box you’ve packed to keep them fresh. This is especially handy for long-distance moves.

Set Aside ‘Moving Week’ Clothes

Moving and settling into your new place can take a long time, and you might not even get to unpacking your clothes within the first week of your move. Solve this problem by packing a week of clothes, or however many you think you’ll need, to wear while the rest of your wardrobe is still packed away.

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