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How to Stay Cool While Moving in the Texas Summer Heat

Moving day isn’t what most people would call fun, and moving in the scorching Texas summer heat is even less pleasant. At D-Town Movers we’re always doing what we can to make your move easier, so here’s a list of our favorite tips for dealing with a Texas summer moving date.

Turn On Utilities Before You Start Moving

If possible, turn the utilities on in your new home before you start moving. Nobody wants to spend hours in a home without air conditioning at this time of year, so make it easier on you and your moving team by cranking the AC ahead of time. If it gets too hot outside, you and your team can take a break and enjoy the air conditioning before getting back to work.

Get an Early Start

The hottest time of day in Texas is the afternoon, so try getting started as early as possible. The morning will be much cooler and easier to work in, and avoiding working into the evening can help you stay protected from mosquito bites. If you aren’t an early riser, take a nap after the moving team leaves so you can get some energy back. 

Stock Up on Water and Sunscreen

As with any summertime Texas outing, don’t forget to bring more water and sunscreen than you think you’ll need. Dehydration and sunburns can make you more susceptible to heat exhaustion, and they’ll make you feel even worse the day after the move. Bring a large bottle of sunscreen for you and your moving crew, and keep a cooler of water bottles around for everyone.

Prioritize Your Heat-Sensitive Belongings

When you’re packing your things, be mindful of anything that won’t do well in the heat. Belongings that might melt, overheat or break when exposed to too much heat should be packed separately and moved first. You might even want to dedicate your first trip to those belongings so you can get them out of the heat as soon as possible. 

Don’t Let Yourself Overheat

The Texas heat isn’t just uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous. Take care of yourself any time you’re spending multiple hours in hot outdoor temperatures, including when you’re moving. If you have health conditions which make you more susceptible to the heat, be cautious and pay attention to your body.

If you start feeling dizzy, lightheaded, nauseous, confused, or weak, you should get out of the heat immediately. These are common signs of heat exhaustion, and they’re usually your body’s way of telling you to take a break and cool down. 

If you start feeling symptoms of heat exhaustion, it’s important to lie down in a cool area and drink lots of water. You might even want to put a cold, wet towel on your forehead to bring your body temperature down faster.

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