The ASPCA’s Best Advice for Moving With Pets

Moving with Pets, Tips for Moving

If your pet is your best friend, you’re probably stressed about having to move and acclimate them to your new home. Moving pets without overwhelming them can be tricky, but the ASPCA has outlined a few important pieces of advice to make the process easier for you both.

Choose the Best Home for Your Pets

When choosing your new home, it’s important to consider the needs of your pet. Make sure the place you’re choosing allows pets, and be ready to pay pet deposits if you’re moving into an apartment. 

If you have a dog who needs lots of walks, you might want to avoid apartments with lots of stairs or houses with no yards (or small yards). 

For kitties, make sure you have enough room to put up a cat tree or something vertical for them to climb on. 

If your pet is aging or has bad joints, choose a one story home so they can roam freely.

Pet-Proof Your New Home

If you can access your new home before moving day, take this opportunity to make some pet-friendly adjustments. If your new yard has plants which might be poisonous to your pet, remove them or block them off. Make sure all your windows have secure screens and look around for any places your pet might be able to hide so you can block them off.

Get Your Animals Comfortable Before the Move

Spend lots of time helping your pet get comfortable with their crate before moving day. Try leaving it out and open for them to explore on their own time. Incentivize them to go in the crate with treats or toys. Try putting your pet in the crate and carrying them around the house. Take your pet on short car rides and gradually make them longer, and always make the destination a fun place like the pet store or a dog park.

If your pet still isn’t comfortable with the crate on moving day, put a shirt you’ve worn in with them. Your scent will help them feel safer during the stressful move.

If you have a pup who gets carsick, give them a small dose of benadryl or a melatonin dog treat about an hour before the drive.

Help Your Furry Friend Settle In

Once the move is over, you’ll need to spend a lot of time getting your pet comfortable in this new environment. Work on introducing your animal to the house one room at a time. Start with a room you feel comfortable putting them in, and leave lots of toys and comfort items with them. Slowly allow your pet to explore the new home, and try incentivizing them with treats if they get skittish or anxious. With the right training, your pet will embrace their new home in no time.

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